What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework originally developed for 37signals’s Basecamp (web app) application, now used by developers all around the world. It features “convention over configuration” for rapid prototyping and is currently on version 5.1.4 released on September 7th, 2017.

Why is Ruby on Rails best friend with start-ups?

Rails is written in Ruby. As the name ‘Ruby’ speaks for itself, the language is designed to be a joy to use thanks to readability and elegance. It is a language explicitly designed with the goal of increasing programmer’s happiness. Therefore, in comparison to other languages, Ruby on Rails is less challenging to learn.

Developers who have worked on other programming languages such as .NET or JAVA, have experienced enormous relief from unnecessary development procedure when working with Rails; since platforms like .NET and Java, are not as suitable for rapid web development as Rails are.

The elements of any start-up company:

  1. Rapid development within budget
  2. Strong ecosystem and high compatibility
  3. Symbol of start-up culture

Rapid Development within Budget

A newly established company needs to carry out a tremendous amount of development work within limited resources. Ruby on Rails is meant for speed and simplicity. Guided by principles, this framework allows start-ups to build application with limited budget while maintaining high quality work. All rails applications have a common structure and when a start-up company hires any experienced developer, they immediately understand the code base and know where to find what. Initializers, configurations, and modules; everything will be at their fingertips.

Strong Ecosystem and High Compatibility

Development speed depends on compatibility within the existing ecosystem. RoR is an open source framework that is free and widely available. But at some point, every programmer faces some problems and programming questions. In that case, the global Ruby community is at your service. The Ruby community maintains tons of helpful resources available online including: frameworks, gems, and tutorials that can solve many trivial and specific problems. When it comes to deployment of the app many start-ups prefer to use PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers as PaaS significantly lowers initial software adoption cost. Nearly all of these support Ruby on Rails out of the box (Heroku, Engine yard AWS, Digital Ocean etc). REST API is another advantage as Rails incorporates “RESTful Architecture” out of the box. This means start-ups do not need to hire someone to implement RESTful code, Rails would ensure that anyway.

Symbol of Start-up Culture

Ruby on Rails development gives you a hint of a company’s work style and culture. A rails developer needs to stay up to date with the web and innovative technologies. The nature of the framework changes and evolves rapidly; therefore, a RoR developer must keep up with the pace. After all, facing continuous changes and developments is an essential part of any start-up company.

If I have to say why many start-ups use Ruby on Rails in one line then it would be “Ruby on Rails is the most productive way to build web applications. Code that reads like English”.

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