Configurability for Bulk Upload, color and Reports
→ When users are on the Bulk Upload page users are able to download the Excel (XLS) empty template. Users can either save the file or open the document. It will open within Excel.
→ There are some fields that are marked with an * near the name of the fields this is because they are mandatory requirements.
→ All fields name should be CAPITAL LETTER and center alignment.
→ We have to follow the standard date format as DAY Month DD, YYYY and we need to show the format near to field name in the template.
→ If we use amount we need to use standard price format with decimal and comma separated with symbol like $ 1,000,000.00
→ Text should right indent and number should be left indented.
→ We can use color black letter with background pink to show the error message.
→ For reports we can give a way to download the file as .pdf and .doc, which should have the logo on top, watermark of the site name and site address with current date and time at bottom of the page.