With the popularity of telecommuting policy, business organizations are seeking the opportunity to work with their remote teams. With the rise of emerging technologies like cloud computing and IoT, companies are now built across continents and time zones. There are tools available which make it easy to tackle the issues with remote teams. But you can strategize the tools and resources to tackle such issues. Here are some tips to improve the productivity of your remote team-

1. Foster communication between team members

Good bonds always result in better outcomes. Foster a good bond between the members of your remote team because their attitude affects their workflow at the end of the day. Encourage your team members to interact formally and informally as well. Give them feasible platforms like Slack or Hipchat for open-chat to encourage communication. Keep them informed about every important task that’s been going on in the project. For instance, remote web developers must be informed about the status of the module they’re working on. They need to have a proper coordination to increase their output.

2. Go for reliable Team Members with Good Reviews

If you’re looking for working on a project, make sure you can rely on your team. You can always find freelancers and professional teams on platforms like Goodfirms, Clutch or Upwork. Analyze ratings and reviews before going for a certain team or company. If you’re still not so sure, you can always rely upon Softuvo Team.

3. Schedule time for certain task

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Basically, your task will take time to complete you alotted for it, no matter how long or short it is. So try keeping the time frames shorter than you intend. Make the most out of it but try keeping it real. You can rely on cloud software products like Trello, Asana or Basecamp to monitor the progress of your remote development team. Trello is the most preferred project management tool which stands out for its simplicity, performance, and style.

4. Design Collaboration Tools

Keep the designing of your remote project in collaboration with open source tools like InVision. This tool keeps the designing team in sync throughout the entire designing process. With the flawless experience as it executes little details very beautifully makes it the most preferred tools for remote designers. It offers real-time collaboration which is an essential part of the designing process. InVision offers freehand feature which allows designers to plan, design, present, receive and give feedback easier, thus increasing the productivity of the remote designers.

5. Remote Software development Tools

Designers and developers may have their own share of work but it is important that they work in collaboration to produce quality digital products. Remote developers can utilize Github for better code management. From hosting and reviewing code to managing and building software, Github is the most suitable tool for remote collaboration amongst remote developing team members.

6. Offshore marketing tool

If you are going to build any type of website, you need to measure the ways it’s going to make tweaks. For that, Google Analytics Dashboard of WordPress Plugin is the best suitable tools. Offshore digital marketing team can just install the plugin once they’ve set up an account in Google for Analytics.


There are a lot of tools and resources available out there to support your tasks remotely. Make sure you utilize the tools accordingly and make the most out of it!