Take a look at a recent comp. Layers named? Original assets preserved with masks? We may be detail-oriented when it comes to prescribing layout and type, but the organization of our artwork suffers as a means to an end. Efficiency masquerades as getting in and out quickly. Problem is, we leave the poor soul (or future selves) who inherits our work with more questions than answers.

Photoshop Etiquette advocates for an organized approach to web design. This guide of best practices promotes clarity, empathy, and intent. You know, the details actually worth sweating. When creating a document be sure to name all of your layers and allow yourself to easily access the required information speedily. Also, one payment is received, send over the .PSD file not just the downloaded image. Many editors fail to do this limiting their clients and leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth for any future business with you.

Keeping good communication with you client can also be the make or break moment that changes a good recommendation into a bad one. People like updates and seeing progress, not talking about a project and seeing the final result. It could also save you some grey hairs considering that last minute changes are typically due to the fact that communication was lacking. Serving desired results in a speedy timeline is what makes designers their bread and butter.        Without staying organized, the results could be catastrophic.