Ruby Flay Gem

Ruby Developer’s Note On Flay Gem–DRY Code Base

Flay Gem–DRY code base Usage 1) Install gem by – gem install flay 2) Process your files. flay This command will process ruby/erb (.rb/.erb) files in current directory. You can also run as, flay app/models Above command will process all the files in the app/models directory. 3) Output The flay command will give output – 1) IDENTICAL Read more…

Hire Top Ruby-On-Rails Developer

Hire Top ROR Developers – Outsource your ROR Projects

Hire Ruby-On-Rails Developers for your business project, because It’s time-efficient: Ruby On Rails contains many ready-made plugins and modules, which allow developers not to waste time on writing code. It’s Consistent: Developers follow standardized file storage and programming conventions that keep a project structured and readable. It also saves plenty Read more…